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Nicky Morgan: Government to focus on tackling 'homophobic' bullying

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The Equalities Minister and Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, who marked her new Cabinet post by appointing a prominent LGBT campaigner as her special adviser, has announced the Government's intention to focus on tackling 'homophobic' bullying in schools over the coming months.

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference this week, she said: "In the next few months we’ll do more on this, tackling one of the most pernicious kinds of victimisation – homophobic bullying. It is too widespread in Britain’s schools. “It’s not acceptable. It’s intolerable, and we will stamp it out.”

Nicky Morgan, who voted against same-sex ‘marriage’ and is a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, appointed Luke Tryl, the former Head of Education at homosexual lobby group Stonewall to be a special adviser to her on education and equality issues.  

The moved followed heavy criticism of her by gay activists in light of her vocal support for marriage as between one man and one woman.

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern says: "The minister is playing into the hands of the gay lobby whose agenda is to persuade us that there is a special category of so-called 'homophobic' bullying which is worse than any other form of bullying in schools.  All intimidation in schools is wrong and should be tackled. Nicky Morgan is part of a government with a very poor record in upholding the freedom of Christians to speak about Jesus Christ in the public space, particularly in the areas of marriage and sexual ethics. Highlighting a special category of 'homophobic' bullying creates a trojan horse for promoting the normalisation of sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman."