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Abortion in the news

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Two thirds of doctors support lowering the 24-week abortion limit - 17th October 2007

Most family doctors support curbs on late abortions, according to a survey of 1,000 GPs.

Thomas Sutcliffe: No science of abortion without the ethics - 17th October 2007

"We have confined ourselves to scientific developments", concludes the Christian Medical Fellowship in its formal submission to the select committee considering Britain's abortion laws, "but cannot end without a reminder that abortion is always a procedure with a 50 per cent mortality".

British women's right to choose is under covert attack - 17th October 2007

A study linking abortion to breast cancer is among the 'evidence' being used in a bid to change a policy fought for 40 years ago,,2192579,00.html

Lower limit for abortions, two thirds of GPs say - 17th October 2007

Two thirds of GPs want the limit for abortions reduced from 24 weeks, a survey shows.

Keeping faith on abortion - 16th October 2007

It is highly appropriate that the Commons science and technology committee is asking for declarations of links to other organisations from the witnesses in its abortion inquiry (Abortion inquiry asks scientists to disclose links to faith groups, October 15).,,2191864,00.html

MPs launch abortion law inquiry - 15th October 2007

An influential group of MPs is considering whether any medical research suggests the 24-week cut-off point for abortion should be changed.

Abortion inquiry asks scientists to disclose links to faith groups - 15th October 2007

An influential inquiry into the future of Britain's abortion laws will begin today amid controversy over an apparent attempt by faith-based organisations to skew the balance of evidence presented to the committee of MPs.

Brutal truth of DIY abortion - 14th October 2007

I think we can assume that if men gave birth, the NHS would find itself providing four-poster beds with goosedown pillows, “sexy” cars to serve as ambulances, comely midwives with soothing bedside manners, and pain relief on tap – none of this nonsense about pushing.

Fears of boom in 'backstreet abortions' as women told DIY pill is 'safe' - 12th October 2007

DIY abortions moved a step closer today after government advisers ruled they are safe.

MPs told home abortions are safe - 12th October 2007

It is safe for women to perform their own medical abortions at home, experts have advised MPs.

Top doctor calls for 16-week limit on social abortions - 11th October 2007

The time limit on "social" abortions should be cut from 24 weeks to 16, a senior doctor said yesterday.