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Cameron backs lowering time limit for abortion

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David Cameron has announced that he would vote for reducing the upper time limit for abortion if the matter is raised in the upcoming debate on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

Mr Cameron told the Daily Mail: "I would like to see a reduction in the current limit, as it is clear that, due to medical advancement, many babies are surviving at 24 weeks. If there is an opportunity in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, I will be voting to bring this limit down from 24 weeks.”

Mr Cameron stressed that votes on abortion should be free votes as it is an issue of conscience.

In contrast, Gordon Brown has refused to join Mr Cameron in taking this stand for the unborn; his official spokesman has stated that the Government has no plans to change the law on abortion, arguing that “At the moment, the key organisations in the medical profession are not pressing for a review in this area.”

In contrast, many are talking about the growing evidence that premature babies can survive earlier and below 24 weeks, and that foetuses can feel pain at an earlier stage than previously thought. Public opinion has also been affected by the high quality scans of foetuses showing unborn babies apparently smiling, frowning, ‘dancing’, sucking their thumb etc while in the womb.

Please email, fax or write to the Prime Minister to state your support for the stance Mr Cameron has taken, and urge Mr Brown to also commit to lowering the time limit for abortion in the UK.


Andrea Minichiello Williams

Director of Public Policy

0771 2591164