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Ending the Years of Silence on Abortion

Printer-friendly version Please pray that the events which have been planned will attract the Churchs attention, the Nations attention and the Governments attention and that we would see a mass outpouring of repentance for what we have allowed to happen. It is my belief that



Please pray that the events which have been planned will attract the Church’s attention, the Nation’s attention and the Government’s attention and that we would see a mass outpouring of repentance for what we have allowed to happen. It is my belief that if this were to occur there would be a radical change in the collective conscience of the Nation.

Please pray about the rally, March and church services – that they would be a God glorifying time of repentance and prayer for reform of attitudes and the law.

Please advertise the events in your church, your local newspaper and on your local radio. Put up posters in public places and hand out leaflets in church. We can supply you with everything you need. Please click on the links below which will take you to press releases and posters that you can use.

Press Releases


Please plan to attend the rally, march and church services. Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your church! We want as many Christians as possible to say that enough is enough and speak out on behalf of the unborn.

If you are unable to attend the events in London, please consider holding services where you live. For ideas about what other groups around the country are doing, please visit and look under ‘Events’. We hope and pray that the fortieth anniversary of abortion is something which will be remembered throughout the country.


The rally starts at 2pm, so please be at Old Palace Yard in good time. We recommend that you make use of the excellent transport links rather than bringing a car. There will be ample parking for coaches nearby.

There will be a series of speakers from 2pm until 2.30pm. They will speak of the need for a change in abortion law and practice and some speakers will give personal testimonies.

The March begins at 3pm and we will be walking from Parliament to Westminster Cathedral. The March will be followed by two services of remembrance, healing and hope which will include worship, prayers and a short address. The service at Westminster Cathedral begins at 4pm.The service at Westminster Chapel begins at 5.15pm. From 4pm to 5pm there will also be refreshments available at Westminster Chapel and a chance to pray.

For more information on any of the above events, please visit or email Libby Blaxall at or call 02074076157. We will be very happy to give you all the information you need.

If you would like to contribute financially to the running of these very important events that we pray would help to change this Nation please visit WEB ADDRESS


Abortion is a ‘live’ issue and will continue to be so as the Government begin to discuss the Human Tissue and Embryos Bill this autumn. There are calls from pro choice groups to increase the upper limit for abortions as well as offering abortion on demand in the first three months of a pregnancy. These are very worrying demands and we need to be praying that the Government will seriously consider the overwhelming evidence that babies under 24 weeks can survive. The Government also need to take heed of growing public concern about abortion up to 24 weeks.

Please keep up to date with how the abortion debate develops by visiting


There will be a protest outside the Marie Stopes ‘Global Safe Abortion’ Conference on 23rd and 24th October. This will take place throughout the two day conference, outside the QEII Conference Centre in London. For further details contact .


The Science and Technology Committee have now published all the written submissions they received on the scientific developments relating to abortion. Please follow the links below to read the submissions, including the submission from the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship.

The Committee are now planning on hearing oral evidence on the issues before they will issue their final report. Unfortunately, the people and organisations who have been invited to give oral evidence are heavily weighted in favour of those who are pro-choice rather than pro-life despite the written submissions being equally weighted. Please keep in your prayers those who will be speaking up for truth in those Committee meetings, including Peter Saunders from the Christian Medical Fellowship/Alive and Kicking Alliance, Professor Patricia Casey, Consultant John Wyatt and Dr John Flemming for SPUC.