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High Court's 'gender-abortion' ruling to be appealed

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22-year-old Aisling Hubert is to appeal a High Court ruling, in her bid to bring 'gender-abortion' doctors to justice.
On Tuesday (1 Dec), the High Court refused an application for Judicial Review of the Director of Public Prosecutions’ (DPP) failure to prosecute two doctors filmed offering 'gender-abortion'.
But today (4 Dec) Miss Hubert said that it was essential to continue the fight and that the ruling would be appealed.
"Again and again we have seen those who are responsible for pursuing justice turn a blind eye, perhaps hoping that the horrors of abortion will be swept under the carpet and the problems go away. But justice demands that something is done and that people are held to account for their actions. The law can only protect if it is enforced," she explained. 

‘Not in the public interest’

The doctors were filmed by a national newspaper in 2012 offering abortions that were requested on the basis that the baby was female.
In 2013, despite concluding that there was sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided that prosecution of the doctors was "not in the public interest".

Private prosecutions scuppered 

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Aisling Hubert later launched private prosecutions against the two doctors. The cases reached the Crown Court, and summonses were issued.
The CPS, however, refused to release evidence that it had in its possession. Instead, the CPS forced a takeover of the prosecutions and then proceeded to drop them.
One doctor subsequently had his registration suspended for three months by the General Medical Council.

‘A huge injustice’

This week, Aisling challenged the original decision by the CPS not to prosecute the doctors, but the challenge was rejected by the High Court. 
Announcing her decision to appeal, Aisling Hubert said:
“There is a huge injustice here. There was clear video evidence that doctors were willing to offer abortion on the grounds of the child being the ‘wrong’ gender. That is against the law, and yet the CPS refused to prosecute, refused to release important video evidence and then squashed my attempt to fight for justice.
“CCTV footage is routinely used by police and the CPS to convict criminals in our courts and yet, in this case, the DPP has refused to allow the courts to consider the evidence.
"The failure of the DPP to take action gives the impression that we have abortion on demand, for whatever reason.
“This decision must be challenged, and I plan to appeal this week’s ruling. 
“Every human life is precious and we must continue to fight for justice.”

‘Baby girls still at risk’

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting Aisling Hubert, said:
“It is a privilege to stand alongside Aisling in her courageous fight to challenge the establishment to deliver justice. 
“So far, justice has not been done. These doctors were breaking the law when they agreed to offer abortions on the basis of gender. As a result of the DPP's refusal to act, baby girls in the womb in Britain remain at risk. 
“Aisling’s attempts to seek justice have been persistently undermined by the CPS. At all stages of this case, there have been major challenges, but Aisling has been determined to carry on and speak on behalf of the unborn child. We will continue to support her as she seeks an appeal.