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New book reveals devastating impact of abortion on women

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The physical, psychological and social complications for women who have had abortions have been highlighted in a new book released this week.

The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research launched the book entitled Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women at the University of Toronto.


Speaking at the launch Dr Ian Gentles, who contributed to the book along with Dr Angela Lanfranchi and Dr Elizabeth-Ring Cassidy, said “abortion is a psychological and physical disaster on women.”

He added: “Every doctor, teacher, counsellor, minister, health policy maker, elected government official, nurse and woman who has experienced an abortion or might contemplate one needs to have this book.”

The negative effect that abortion has is laid out in 21 chapters, taken from research from over 650 papers and includes over 100 interviews with women who’ve had abortions. 

Health problems

Some of the health problems the book highlights that women encounter as a result of having an abortion include breast cancer, infertility, autoimmune disease and mental health problems along with a multitude of other complications.

Dr Priscilla Coleman, professor at Bowling Green University concluded: “This book comes as an enormous relief to many of us who have been studying abortion for decades. Finally, there is a credible, evidence-based resource to inform medicine, psychology, and law. Moreover, the science is now available in a condensed and easily accessible form to women facing difficult pregnancies and coping with ill-effects of the procedure.”

Infant and maternal impact

The book also reveals that “countries where abortion is freely available, such as the US, the UK, Russia and Hungary have a generally worse record on infant and maternal health than countries where abortion has long been unavailable such as Ireland, Egypt, Uganda.”


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