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Second 'gender-abortion' doctor to appear before Crown Court

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A doctor who was filmed offering to abort a child simply because she was a girl has been ordered to appear before the Crown Court to face a criminal charge.

Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan is to face the criminal charge, after Birmingham Magistrates' Court yesterday (26 JAN) granted a summons and ordered him to appear before the Crown Court on 21st May 2015.


Dr Rajmohan was filmed offering 'gender-abortion' during an undercover investigation by the Telegraph in 2012.

However after a lengthy investigation the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to prosecute, even though it found enough evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction. The CPS claimed that a prosecution was 'not in the public interest’.

Private prosecutions

Because of the CPS’ refusal to act, Aisling Hubert mounted a rare private prosecution of Dr Rajmohan with the support of the Christian Legal Centre.

Miss Hubert brought a private prosecution against another doctor, Dr Prabha Sivaraman, who was also filmed offering ‘gender-abortion’.

Dr Sivaraman is due to appear in Manchester Crown Court on 6th February. Dr Sivaraman's lawyers are urging the CPS first to takeover the case and then to drop it.


Aisling Hubert, commented:

"I continue to be very grateful for all the support that I am receiving and am pleased that this case will also now go to the Crown Court.

‘The CPS refused to prosecute these doctors when it had the opportunity - even though it found that there was sufficient evidence. It cannot be allowed to sabotage the case now. For the sake of baby girls in the womb, these cases must come to trial."


Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, added:

"There has been public outcry over revelations of gender-abortion in the UK but no official action has been taken against the doctors.

‘We are proud to stand with this brave young woman as she battles for justice for unborn children and shames those who should have done so.

‘The establishment has become complicit with the abortion industry because it is too frightened to stand up to it."


These developments coincide with Fiona Bruce MP’s tabling last week of an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill confirming that abortion on the basis of gender is illegal, following widespread public concern over the issue.

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