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Study finds abortion raises risk of mental health problems by 81%

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Researchers behind a new study on abortion have discovered that women who have abortions experience an astonishing 81% increase in the risk of mental health problems.

Published in the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry, the ground breaking paper also found that almost 10% of all mental health problems are shown to be directly linked to abortion.

The analysis, conducted by Priscilla K. Coleman from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA, is the largest study of its kind and is based on 22 published studies, with a combined number of participants totalling over 850,000.

The results also revealed that the increased risk for anxiety disorders was 34%; for depression it was 37%; for alcohol abuse it was 110%, for marijuana use it was 220%, and for suicide behaviours it was 155%.

The study could prove highly relevant to a vote on Tuesday 6th September in the House of Commons on an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill 2011. Tabled by MPs Nadine Dorries and Frank Field it seeks to change the law to ensure that women seeking an abortion are offered independent advice on their decision to seek a termination.

Currently, abortion providers Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service offer women counselling themselves before they make a decision on termination. Mrs Dorries believes that it is vital to remove the conflict of financial ‘vested interest’ that exists for abortion providers in the procedure going ahead. Outsourcing abortions to private providers is worth an estimated £60m a year.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:

“It is so important that women are given all of the information on the risks of having an abortion. So many women live with deep regrets after being rushed into having an abortion without adequate counselling or awareness of the cost. Many find themselves on the conveyor belt of the abortion industry, vulnerable and under pressure. They need independent advice as a matter of priority.”

NOTE:The study will be published in the British Journal of Psychiatry on Thursday 1 September. It is titled: “Abortion and mental health: quantitative synthesis and analysis of research” Priscilla K. Coleman


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