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Stonewall encourages homosexuals to adopt children

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Stonewall, a homosexual lobby group, has launched a guide for homosexual couples, offering advice on adoption, co-parenting, fostering and surrogacy.

‘The Guide For Gay Dads’, written by Stonewall and sponsored by the London Sperm Bank and the Big Lottery Fund, states that “there's never been a better time for gay men to start a family”. The book gives practical tips on how to become a father as well as facts about sperm donation and co-parenting.  It also includes “Top tips on coming out to your kids”.

Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive, said:

“The law is now on their side. And this comprehensive new guide – the first of its kind specifically aimed at gay men – outlines all options, with handy tips and places to go for further support. We hope it’ll convince some gay men who might have otherwise written off the prospect of raising children to re-consider.”

The guide is launched at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to adopt or foster children. Eunice and Owen Johns from Derby have recently been stopped from fostering children by the local council because of their Christian beliefs on the family and sexuality. On 1 November 2010 they are appearing before the High Court (sitting in Nottingham) for clarification on the council's position on the suitability of foster carers who have traditional beliefs regarding sexual ethics. The case is considered a vital test case on freedom of conscience and could restrict Christians in the UK from fostering and adopting children in the future.



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