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'LGBT Diversity Week' launched in schools

Andrea Williams discusses 'School Diversity Week' on Channel 5 News

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This week, about 38,000 pupils across the United Kingdom will be required to take part in the first ever 'School Diversity Week' to combat 'homophobic bullying' in the classroom.

The initiative is organised by the charity Just Like Us, whose aims are to "empower and support young LGBTQ+ people to become active agents of change in making schools LGBTQ+ friendly places".

A special reception was hosted by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercrow, to mark the launch of the initiative on Tuesday 14 June. The event was attended by the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, campaigner Peter Tatchell, MPs and selected school pupils and teachers.

Indoctrination of children

Speaking at the event, founder and CEO of Just Like Us, Tim Ramsey, said: "School Diversity Week is an amazing chance for schools to unite their whole community in promoting positive views among young people about LGBT people."

However, serious concerns have been raised that the initiative will be used by LGBT activists as a vehicle to affirm and promote same-sex lifestyles in schools.

Debating Mr Ramsey on Channel 5 News Andrea Williams, the Chief Executive of Christian Concern said that while we are "against bullying of any kind", what is being celebrated here is the "indoctrination of a lifestyle". Although "each one of us is beautifully and wonderfully made", she said, we do not have to promote "this idea that all lifestyles are equivalent [and] that all lifestyles bring equal good".

She went on to speak of Christian Legal Centre clients and teachers who have faced trouble, and in some cases has been suspended, for refusing to read books that promote homosexual practice.

The 'School Diversity Week' takes place in the same month that a UN Committee claimed that requiring children to attend school assemblies, with collective acts of worship, undermines their human rights.

Initiative to protect marriage

Last month, a petition was launched to defend true marriage and family across Europe. The European Citizens' Initiative Mums, Dads and Kids aims to protect the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

Citizens from across EU member states are invited to add their signature supporting a definition of marriage and family that aims to promote a Biblical pattern of family life.

Please sign the petition online or print a form from the website.

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