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Teaching Creationism is not extreme

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A Christian organisation has issued a statement deploring the government’s announcement that to teach the Biblical explanation of the origin of man to nursery children equates to “extremism”.

Truth in Science focuses on scientific evidence in support of Creationism and is headed by renowned authors and professors of science from leading universities.


In its statement, the organisation argues that “to believe that God created the world is both reasonable and has an empirical scientific basis.

“To believe that matter, given enough time (billions of years), will turn into people is scientifically preposterous and based on the religion of atheistic humanism / atheistic naturalism.”

“British” values

Last week, new Education Secretary Nicky Morgan announced plans to ensure that infants are taught “fundamental British values” to protect them from religious extremism.  

The new rules are a response to the revelation that Muslim extremists had taken control of schools in the Birmingham area.
But Mrs Morgan’s announcement also specifically stated that teaching Creationism equates to extremism and that nurseries which teach it would not receive public funding.

The measures appeared to be a response to a campaign opposing the teaching of creationism, organised earlier in the year by the British Humanist Association.


Truth In Science said: “The tiny minority of secular atheists should not determine the agenda of education in our land”.

It also accuses the government of bringing in “a religious agenda of its own by enforcing the indoctrination of atheistic humanism in having evolution taught as the only way of the consideration of origins”.

Read the Truth In Science statement here >