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Christian Peoples Alliance Launches Election Campaign

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From Christian Peoples Alliance:

Parliamentary and Local Elections May 2010 - The CPA Team

With elections due on May 6th for Parliament and Local Councils,the Christian Peoples Alliance asks your prayers and support for our election candidates.

Please visit our new elections page, where you can read more on who are our PPCs. Other candidates will follow.

We have over one hundred local council candidates and full details on where they are standing will go up on the site in due course.


This is a modest beginning for which we give thanks to God. If you wish to join them in the birth of the next chapter for Christian Democracy in Britain, you have just a short time to arrange your paperwork.

Don't forget our launch on Saturday 10th April in Newham - you are welcome to come.

Please remember to pray. And we have need for additional funds so our candidates can publish and distribute election leaflets and pay for deposits. Just visit the site to make a donation.

If there is ONE thing which would make a practical difference, I would ask that you plan to visit the London Borough of Newham as many times as you can between now and May 6th - whether morning, afternoon, evening or weekend - we need canvassers, leaflet deliverers and prayer walkers! Call Peter Vickers on 07856 054554 when you know when you can come. We have 3 councillors and are looking to win 9 seats!

Yours with Easter greetings,

David Campanale

Federal President

Christian Peoples Alliance and