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Roger Kiska: The Unknown Client

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Roger Kiska tells the stories of some of Christian Concern's less well known clients.

At Christian Concern, we consider our supporters to be part of the wider Christian Concern family. It is one of the reasons we do our best to share with all of you the personal side of the stories behind each one of our cases, so that you can invest in each of our clients on a human level.

However, the truth is that the cases we highlight on our website, through Christian Weekly News and other media outlets, provide only a small snapshot of everything we do. Most of the cases we handle, for various reasons, we cannot openly promote. It may be because the public authority who acted badly ended up doing the right thing in the end and we did not want to cause them public embarrassment. Another reason could be that the matter was positively resolved and we did not want to jeopardise our client's relationship with their employer, university or with whomever the issue had arisen. But the truth is that for every Felix Ngole, Richard Page or Sarah Kuteh; there are countless others going through the exact same ordeal. And most of these matters, because of the direct intervention of Christian Concern and your support, are positively and expediently resolved.

In recent months, for example, we have helped save the nursing license of one client who faced being permanently struck from the list of registered nurses for sharing the gospel with a patient. In that case, the disciplinary tribunal even recognised that under the circumstances, prayer with the patient had been appropriate. In another matter, we have been assisting another student suspended from her university program for her Christian views. We further won a landmark immigration hearing for a Muslim convert to Christianity who had been denied asylum by the Home Office. We have worked behind the scenes to assist the persecuted church around the world, helping in obtaining the release of falsely imprisoned Christian missionaries in radical Muslim countries.

On a personal note, I joined the Christian Legal Centre in September, having previously directed international advocacy and European Court of Human Rights case-work at two large Christian firms on the continent. In the 8 months I have been with the CLC, I have seen that for the Western world, the United Kingdom is the epicentre of anti-Christian intolerance and discrimination. I have been able to work with clients from the first days that their troubles started and forge relationships with them. We receive multiple calls daily and have assisted dozens of individuals, ministries, and educators only in the short time that I have been with them. With my own eyes, I have seen that far too often the only thing that stands in the gap between a Christian victimised because of their faith and the wrongdoer is Christian Concern.

We thank you for all that you, our supporters, do for us. And we ask that you remember that every sacrificial donation you provide does far more than assist those we feature on our website. We kindly ask you to also prayerfully consider the unknown client, the brave men and women of God who have principally stood up and fought for their rights to be a believer in the public square. You may never know who they are, but be assured that you have blessed them and that they in turn pray for you.

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