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How to Write to Peers

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There are over 700 peers in the House of Lords and, unlike MPs, they are not allocated constituencies. This makes deciding which peers to write to more difficult. You may wish to write to a peer that you have some knowledge of, or those who have links with the county you live in (to search for peers in your county, go to Alternatively, you may wish to pick them at random. Whatever you do, please write to as many as possible!

For a full list of peers click here

Using this link you can also send emails to individual peers by clicking on their name, and then clicking on the ‘send a message’ link. You can also email lords by searching on the website.

How to address them

Begin your letter to a:

Lord Viscount or Earl, as “Dear Lord [surname]”

Baroness, as “Dear Lady [surname]”

Archbishop or Duke, as “Your Grace”

Bishop, as “My Lord”

End your letter, “Yours sincerely”

On the envelope:

The Lord/Baroness/Viscount/Earl [surname] of [place]

His Grace the Archbishop of [place]

His Grace the Duke of [place]

The Lord Bishop of [place]

Followed by the address:

House of Lords