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Christian Concern backs safe refuge for Muslim converts

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Christian Concern is backing plans to provide safe refuge for those who face ostracism or danger as a result of converting from Islam to the Christian faith. 

It is hoped that the network, provisionally named "Converts to Jesus", will launch in the Autumn and be chaired by Nissar Hussain, a convert from Islam, who lives in Bradford. 

Nissar and his family have suffered as a result of following Jesus. He has been shunned by his family and been labelled a "Christian Jew dog" whilst his wife has been sworn and spat at and his children have been ostracised by school friends. His car has has been torched and an empty property next to his home set alight. He received a warning in advance but police told him that the threat was unlikely to be carried out. 

However, Mr Hussain refuses to be ashamed of Jesus, saying: "it tells us in the New Testament that trials and tribulations are part of the Christian world".

Andrea Williams explained:

“We are motivated by a deep sense of love and compassion for those that feel trapped in a situation from which they cannot escape. The penalty for them at best is to be cut off from their family; at worst they face death. This is happening not just in Sudan and Nigeria but in east London. The government has failed to deal with the rise in anti-Christian sentiment.

"We need more churches and Christians sacrificially to offer welcome, support and safety for those Muslims who want to embrace Jesus Christ."

Listen to Ade Omooba on BBC Radio London discussing the need for safe refuge >


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