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Muslim convert to Christianity forced to relocate as safety threatened

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A Muslim convert to Christianity and his family have been forced to flee their home, after continued hostile behaviour ehaviour from Muslims in the community put their safety at risk.

Nissar Hussain left Islam in 1996 and has since faced aggressive behaviour and even violence from members of the Muslim community in Bradford, where he lived. 

But with the help of 'Safe Haven', which provides advice and practical help to those wanting to leave Islam but fearing the consequences, Nissar and his family have relocated to a safe place elsewhere. 

Damage to property and person 

Over the years, Nissar and his family have suffered repeated damage to their property, including their home and several vehicles. 

Last November, Nissar was attacked by two men with a pickaxe handle outside his home, leaving him in hospital. He suffered a broken hand and kneecap. 

Speaking of the many challenges he and his family have endured over the years, Nissar said:

"We are fragmented and I do not know how we will recover from this. We haven’t functioned properly for years."

Nissar has previously told Premier Radio that he is not the only Muslim convert in the UK to have been persecuted for turning to Christ. 

"It has to be understood that this is happening across the country and people like us are vulnerable and in fear of our lives," he said. 

Apostasy is a punishable offence in Islam and many former Muslims are facing violence and even death for leaving the religion to follow Jesus.

'We are disappointed'

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman commented: 

He said: "Our priority has always been to work effectively with our partners to minimise the risk to Mr Hussain and ensure that we maximise opportunities to put control measures in place to safeguard him, his family and consider any wider impact upon the communities across West Yorkshire.

"We are disappointed that Mr Hussain and his family have decided to leave Bradford, particularly as police and partners have been working together for some time to try and resolve the situation to the benefit of all parties concerned."

'Too little, too late'

But Christian Concern’s Islamic Affairs Director, Tim Dieppe, described this response as "too little, too late".

"Over the last twenty years, the police have failed to take serious action to protect Nissar and his family from those who have harassed them. 

"It is very disappointing that in Britain, where all should have freedom to practise their faith, Nissar has been forced out of his own home." 

He added, "We are pleased that through 'Safe Haven', we have been able to help Nissar and his family relocate and we hope that they will be able to live in peace and security from now on."

To find out more about 'Safe Haven' and how you can support the initiative, visit the website

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