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New web resource launched to expose threat of Islamic extremism

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The following article is based on a Press Release issued by Sharia Watch UK.

A new web resource was launched in the House of Lords on Thursday (24 April) to highlight the impact of Islamism in Britain.

‘Sharia Watch UK’ aims to show the public and political leaders the extent of the threat that sharia and Islamic extremism pose to the rights and freedoms of women, freedom of speech and democratic principles.

Undermines equality

The launch was hosted by Baroness Cox who continues to campaign for the protection of women against religious discrimination.  She says that sharia "undermines the most fundamental principles of equality enshrined in British law" in respect of its treatment of women.

A 2009 report by Civitas found that approximately 85 sharia bodies are operating freely in the UK.  According to the report, the rulings enforced by such bodies are largely inconsistent with UK equality laws, and inherently discriminate against women in matters relating to child custody, domestic violence and divorce.


A new report entitled Sharia Law – Britain’s Blind Spot was also published at the launch, exposing the extreme views of "moderate" Muslim groups in the UK.

The report demonstrates how such groups, regularly represented in the media as “moderate”, are endorsed and supported by mainstream public figures.

Visit the Sharia Watch UK website here >

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