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Lobby members of the House of Lords

Printer-friendly version There are two main ways of lobbying members of the House of Lords (peers):

1) Visiting Peers

Those Christian leaders or people who have friends or acquaintances in the House of Lords should arrange to meet with them to explain the meaning of the Religious Hatred Bill to them and to highlight the level of concern it has caused across the country. This is probably the most persuasive and direct way of influencing peers. The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship briefing note can again be used as a guide as to how to present the Christian view of the Bill.

2) Writing to Peers

Although members of the House of Lords do not have constituencies as such, they are still based, through residence, in certain localities. It makes sense to find out who your 'local' peer is and then to contact them by writing or by e-mail, to explain the concerns about the Religious Hatred Bill. Having the link of living close by will be a good starting point for the correspondence. Again the LCF Briefing Note can be used as a template for the contents of any letter.

Click here for a list of peers organised by regions (the information is taken from another organisation and so no guarantees can be made as to its accuracy) in order to help you find the most appropriate peer to write to. Alternatively there is an alphabetical list of members of the House of Lords on the Parliament website at ice/ alphabetical_list_of_members.cfm. You can call the House of Lords directly and ask them forn information if you have not been able to find details of peers living locally.

Once you have located your peer, contact details for the Lords can be found on the Parliament website at lords_information_office/contact.cfm. This will enable you to write to them directly, or alternatively any letters can be sent to peers at Westminster by posting them to this address: House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW

The above website can also be used for advice on how to use the correct title for a peer when writing to them.