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Former Christian councillor labelled 'bigot' by homosexual campaign group

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Alan Craig, a former councillor for the London borough of Newham, has been nominated for Stonewall's 'Bigot of the Year Award 2012'.

Alan Craig said:

“The Bigot of the Year Award is a vicious name-calling Stonewall annual event that reflects more on the donor than the recipient. By attempting to bully, intimidate, humiliate and generate hatred of individuals through the Award, Stonewall fully justifies the Gaystapo tag which I gave the organisation and for which apparently I have been nominated.

"Nonetheless if I win the Award over the other candidates and if Stonewall invite me, and permit me without harassment to offer a proper acceptance speech, I plan to attend their Awards dinner and ceremony at the Raphael Gallery on 1st November.”

For more information see: Stonewall announces nominees for 2012

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