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Not Ashamed Day - Report

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The official launch of the Not Ashamed campaign has attracted huge media interest. We hope that this will be the beginning of a new, robust national debate about the place of the Christian faith in modern Britain, in which Christians will be able to speak clearly of the ongoing validity and value of the Christian foundation of our nation.

Supporters of Not Ashamed have conducted at least 25 national or local radio interviews in connection with the launch, whilst coverage has appeared in national newspapers today. You can watch and listen to television and radio interviews here. You can read the BBC News story here, the Daily Telegraph story here and the Daily Mail story here.

National Launch

In spite of the cold weather, Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, officially launched his leaflet 'I'm Not Ashamed' outside the House of Lords at lunchtime. Later in the afternoon, a delegation delivered information about the campaign to 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace whilst other supporters gathered at Parliament.

Local events and activities

Thousands of Christians across the country have been wearing the Not Ashamed logo. Meanwhile, a number of local events have taken place whilst others are planning to contact their MP, write to their local newspaper or advertise the thrust of Not Ashamed in other ways in the days to come.

It's still not too late to promote the campaign at church, order copies of Lord Carey's leaflet for local distribution (see here) or contact local community leaders and MPs (contact us here for materials).

We'd be pleased to hear of other ideas that you have to help highlight the value of the Christian foundation of our society.

Promotion and Prayer

Please continue to spread the word about Not Ashamed and to pray for the campaign and related issues.

The events of today have triggered a huge debate on the BBC News website. You can join the debate here.

Thank you again for all of your support and we look forward to continuing with this campaign to highlight the hope that we have to offer the nation.