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Christian Lawyers publish Guidance on Sexual Orientation Regulations that come into force today.

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The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship has today published Guidance on the Sexual Orientation Regulations that come in to force 30th April 2007. Christians object to these Regulations because they will force them to become involved in promoting or facilitating homosexual lifestyles contrary to the practice and teaching of the Church down the centuries. Christians do not seek to refuse homosexuals access to restaurants and hospital lists and the whole myriad of basic goods and services to which they are entitled as individuals. 

The Regulations are widely misunderstood. Those promoting them talk about the need to eradicate prejudice against homosexuals not realising that without the necessary safeguards these Regulations are creating a new prejudice against those who want to live according to traditional Christian (and other mainstream beliefs) that teach that all sex outside heterosexual marriage is wrong. This should concern all those who believe in freedom of conscience and in the value of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

When 99 out of 100 printing shops are non-religious and would happily print material promoting homosexuality we believe it is unjustified to legislate against the one Christian printer to make it illegal for him to refuse to print that material. Striking a fair balance in these circumstances should allow reasonable accommodation for those motivated by conscience.

The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship has produced Guidance on the new law which is available at: -

The Guidance should be read in conjunction with the Frequently Asked Questions document available at: -

Please see debate in The Times this week to understand how the Regulations are being misunderstood:

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