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Church of England in formal support for civil partnerships

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Christian Concern is thanking all those who responded to the Government's consultation on the future of civil partnerships in England and Wales.

Sadly, in its response, the Church of England suggested that civil partnership is a valid institution for society which should continue to be open to homosexual couples.

The CofE stated that it "recognises that sexual relationships often embody fidelity and mutuality and that "civil partnerships enable these Christian virtues to be recognised socially and legally in a proper framework."

It added: "As civil partnership is not marriage and also involves no presumption that the relationship is sexually active, it offers an important structure for the public validation of the relationship of a same sex couple who wish to live in accordance with the church’s traditional teaching".

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern said:  "Since the legislation was passed, civil partnerships have always been understood to recognise a sexual relationship for homosexual couples.  Yet, according to God's pattern all sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman is wrong and does not bring blessing.  It is tragic that the Church of England is supporting such an arrangement."

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