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Government plans to transform Marriage a “social engineering experiment”

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Press Release from Christian Concern - 17 Feb 2011

Plans have been outlined today by Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, to allow civil partnerships to have a religious element to them and to be conducted in places of worship. In addition, a consultation will take place which will include a review on full homosexual ‘marriage’ equality. This has been “deliberately understated”, says Christian Concern “even though it is the biggest social engineering experiment carried out by a Government this century”.

Responding to the Government Equalities Office Press Release, Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, warned:

Many people will see these proposals as giving more options to homosexuals. Yet they are a significant marker towards full homosexual marriage in churches, which is what the Government is pushing for. This would lead to the wholesale re-definition of marriage and the family along homosexual ideological grounds. This re-definition of marriage has been a goal of the homosexual rights movement for decades, even though homosexuals represent only 1.5% of the population according to the last national survey. Why has one tiny section of society been allowed to dictate Government policy in the previous and present Governments?

“This wholesale re-definition of marriage will have serious repercussions for society, not least for children. If marriage no longer requires a mother and a father then this conflicts with the vast majority of educational, social and anthropological opinion that children are best nurtured and cared for within a family led by a married mother and a father.

“In addition, there are also deep concerns over State interference and the potential future impact on religious liberties.”

Andrea Williams added: “This ‘Consultation’ is not about ticking a few more boxes on the ‘Equality Register’, it is about changing the very fabric on which our society is built, and starting a Government-backed social engineering project which this nation will regret for generations to come, unless MPs and members of the public object to the coalition playing political correctness with the future of their society.”

Christian Concern will be issuing a full press release in response to the Government’s announcement shortly.  It will also be issuing guidance to churches and Christians on the major issues involved in the consultation and launching a campaign in due course. Further information will be available from


For further information contact:

Andrea Minichiello Williams: 07712 591 164