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Bishop warns Britain in danger of becoming "anti-Christian"

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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has warned that Britain risks becoming actively "anti-Christian" at the launch of Christian Concern’s publishing house “Wilberforce Publications” this week.


Drawing on his own experience of persecution, both personally and as President of OXTRAD, Bishop Nazir-Ali said that persecution "always begins with marginalisation and discrimination in the workplace and in public life".

He added that Britain is in danger of becoming not just "unchristian" but "anti-Christian" unless the growing marginalisation of Christian faith in Britain is addressed.


The launch event marked the release of two books: Christians in the Firing Line, written by Dr Richard Scott and Belief and the Nation, written by John Scriven.

Dr Scott was disciplined by the General Medical Council for talking to a patient about his faith. His motivation for writing the book was to make known the challenges he and other Christians have faced in the workplace for manifesting their faith.

In his book he examines thirteen cases of Christians who have been "warned, blacklisted, suspended or dismissed for refusing to compromise their biblical principles".


In the foreword to Christians in the Firing Line (full version below), Bishop Nazir-Ali states: “We are made immediately aware of the price to be paid and the cost involved whether it is loss of employment, the threat of being struck off the registers of professional bodies or just unpopularity in the community or the media.

“… In my experience, the exclusion from employment or participation in public life, which the people in these cases have tasted, as well as discrimination because of belief, which they have also experienced, is often the beginning of persecution.”

In Belief and the Nation, lawyer John Scriven applies Christian thought to some of the most pressing contemporary issues. He outlines a Christian perspective in areas as diverse as globalisation, debt, family and freedom of expression.


In her foreword to the book (full version below), Christian Legal Centre CEO Andrea Minichiello Williams states: "In recent decades, we have seen significant social and economic breakdown, although the full effects of past policies may not yet be apparent. Confidence in moral knowledge has fragmented and there is a crisis of authority in politics and in our institutions.

"... Despite the challenges of public policy in a complex world, a Christian vision can transform people, communities and the nation."

Review copies of the books are available upon request. The books can also be purchased via Christian booksellers and online retailers.

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