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'Gender neutral' toilets and uniform introduced at London school

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A London school has introduced unisex toilets, and even allowed pupils to dress in the opposite gender's uniform.

BBC News showed a 30 second report earlier this month of Chestnut Grove Academy, in Balham, southwest London.

The school has come under strong criticism before, when in 2002 it introduced a scheme offering the 'morning-after' contraceptive pill to girls as young as eleven – without needing parental consent.

At the time, the then-head teacher, Margaret Peacock, claimed that the school was "trying to behave responsibly".

Now, the school has offered this new initiative, in what appears to be a move to promote the LGBT agenda.

On the BBC's Facebook post sharing the report, it states that one boy at the school has "chosen to wear a skirt".

The video shows one boy commenting on this – with a large poster for ‘LGBTI History Month’ in the background.

"I don’t think anything of it," he says.

"That’s his choice so there’s no need to discriminate."

Another boy says:

"If you want to wear the opposite gender of clothes you can. You just won’t get discriminated [against]."

The video also profiles one teenage girl who is introduced as 'Jack Monroe'.

She says she "always wanted to be a boy but the thought didn’t enter [her] head that that was possible"

Concern over pupil safety

The majority of comments on the Facebook post expressed strong concerns about the safety of children using unisex toilets – which appear to have been introduced in addition to standard male and female toilets.

Additionally, the comments suggest that the parents were not even informed about the change.

Chief Executive of Christian Concern Andrea Williams has said that this is not only pushing an agenda onto impressionable minds, but it also sets a dangerous precedent for other schools.

"To introduce such facilities – seemingly without parental consentis highly irresponsible of the school. These pupils are of an impressionable age and are in the process of maturing physically. Introducing unisex toilets and uniform is surely to confuse them at the time when they are most in need of reassurance about their God-given identities as male and female.

"We are increasingly seeing boundaries being overstepped, and it is concerning that other schools may follow this example."

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