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Poll shows huge public support for Queen's faith role

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A new poll has shown that the Queen has overwhelming public support for her Christian role.

Almost three quarters (73%) of those who took part in the survey by ComRes believe that the Queen and future monarchs should keep the title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England and ‘Defender of the Faith’.

The survey, conducted on behalf of BBC local radio, also found that 79% agree that the Queen has an important faith role.

Only a quarter (25%) of those questioned agree that the Queen and future monarchs should not have any faith role or title at all.

The survey also found that women (81%) are more likely than men (76%) to agree that the Queen still has an important faith role.

Defender of the Faith

The title ‘Defender of the Faith’ was originally given to Henry VIII in 1521. The title has been given to each English monarch since then. Although it was first given by the Pope, it quickly developed to reflect the monarch’s status as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

It is not yet known whether Prince Charles will take this title when he becomes King as there have been unconfirmed reports that he wants to be 'Defender of Faith' rather than ‘The Faith’.

The survey found opinion divided on whether this change should be made, with half of those surveyed (50%) saying that they agree that if Prince Charles becomes King his title should be changed to Defender of Faith compared with 35% who said they disagree with the proposed change.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:

“This poll shows huge public support for a Christian monarchy. Regardless of the many recent attempts to marginalise Christianity by secularists, Britain is still a Christian country, and most people want the Christian faith to continue to shape this nation for the good of all.”

Role of Religion

The survey comes at a time when there is increased debate over the role of religion in public life.

Secularist campaign groups have recently been targeting Councils and trying to stop them from holding prayers at the beginning of meetings.

Baroness Warsi, speaking at the last Conservative Party conference, mentioned a “growing intolerance and illiberal attitude towards those who believe in God.”

She said:

“The scepticism of senior Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris driving this secular agenda has now grown to become an ideology permeating through many aspects of the public sector.

“It’s an agenda driven by the political-elite, who have hijacked the pursuit of ‘equality’ by demanding a dumbing down of faith.

“This scepticism against faith communities, and in some case outright hostility, is both wrong and dangerous.”

“Forced secularism is not progressive, it’s not Conservative and it’s not the British way.”




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