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Wells Cathedral promotes blasphemous film about Jesus

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As part of the Bath Film Festival 2014, Wells Cathedral is hosting a screening of Martin Scorsese’s controversial film ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ on Saturday 25 January.
The film caused outrage when it was released in 1988 because it is a highly blasphemous interpretation of Jesus’ life on earth, depicting, among other things, His marriage to Mary Magdelene and raising a family with her. 
Many Christians have already expressed concern about the decision to allow the film to be shown, but so far, the Cathedral has stood by its position.
"False message"
Commenting on the decision, Andrea Williams of Christian Concern said:
"The planned screening at Wells Cathedral will spread a wholly false message and obscure the New Testament history of the life and purpose of Jesus Christ from his birth to his death on the cross. 
"In an age when many people may have the sketchiest knowledge of the Gospel and history of Jesus Christ, the screening of this blasphemous film which challenges the perfection of the life of Jesus, by introducing an offensive dream sequence, will spread misunderstanding of the tenets of the Christian faith and give the impression that the church endorses such false teaching.
"We have received calls and correspondence from concerned churchgoers, not only in the Somerset area, and the Western Daily Press has reported that some worshippers have described the film as ‘appalling’ for introducing the ‘theme of debauchery’. It is difficult to understand how screening such a film in a hallowed cathedral serves the Kingdom of God.  For that reason we have urged our supporters to make their views known to the Dean, who is principally responsible for the administration of the Cathedral."