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10 years of mobilising the Church

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As the Church goes, so goes the culture. Sweeping changes to our nation’s moral and social landscape have coincided with a decline in the Church’s witness. Our culture is confused and there’s a huge need for clear and compassionate Christian witness to provide hope and direction. We’re dedicated to helping the Church recover her voice and speak with confidence on the issues of the day.

From the very beginning, we've sought to use email, websites and social media to quickly spread crucial news to thousands of people. For over ten years we've sent weekly emails (like this!) to Christians around the UK and even worldwide. We are so grateful that so many of you use these not only to keep up to date with the latest developments but to inform your prayers - at home, in small groups and at church.

We've produced all sorts of resources to help Christians better understand God's good pattern for society. Booklets for an overview of a topic; briefings and guides to consultation responses on current issues; website articles for the latest news and comment; and increasingly in-depth audio and video content.

In 2013, we took the step to launch Wilberforce Publications - through which we've published nearly twenty full-length books. The longer format of books helps develop detailed Christian thinking on a plethora of issues and articulating the Christian answer to cultural questions.


But it's no good this content sitting unnoticed.

We have increasingly used social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud to help more people get their hands on these resources - why not follow us on those platforms so that we can reach even more people with them?

It's not all about the internet. Every week, on average, we are somewhere around the UK speaking at a church, helping to explain the pressing need for Christians to bring God's truth to society. We've put on larger events for groups of churches and many topical conferences to equip Christians on pressing issues.

Through campaigns like Not Ashamed we've encouraged Christians to be visible and vocal for Jesus Christ in public life.

And through our election campaigns Christians and Candidates (2010) and The Power of the Cross (2015/2017) we've run hustings around the country, given supporters guides to the key issues, and helped people find out what their candidates believe.

Working alongside church leaders is critical to building a movement of Christians ready to put Jesus at the heart of society. Our annual church leaders' symposium allows for in-depth discussions of the most important issues the Church faces.

But church leaders sometimes need to be lovingly and firmly challenged when the church has been silent or even capitulated on these issues. Christian Concern has not shied away from doing so, particularly in the Church of England, in which Andrea is a member of synod. Andrea has courageously spoken truth at General Synod on issues of sexuality and the uniqueness of Christ, even at the cost of receiving boos from other members of the church's governing body.

Finally, we've invested heavily in the future of the church, strategically training young Christian leaders to make a difference for Christ in public life. Over 500 young people have now been through the Wilberforce Academy.

As Christian Concern, it is our prayer that the Church will rise up to her calling, speaking the whole truth of God's good news to the whole world.

Thank you to all of our supporters who gave their time and energy to join with us at the 10 year celebration last Saturday in central London.

Let us continue to proclaim together: Jesus at the heart of society!


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