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Make your voice heard on relationships and sex education

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The Department of Education has issued an important consultation on its draft guidelines for the implementation and teaching of Relationship and Sexual Education and Health Education. The consultation closes on Wednesday 7 November, 2018.

Time is of the essence and we need your help. The implementation of RSE effects all parents throughout the United Kingdom. The Department of Education has signalled its belief that all children, including primary school children, should be taught a so-called LGBT inclusive curriculum. For secondary schools, they have also changed the language from the right to opt-out of sexual education to a right only to request an opt-out, leaving it to the discretion of the school whether to accept the request.

Please take the time to answer the consultation and let the DfE know that parents have the primary responsibility to direct the education of their children, and that this proposed incursion on parental rights is unacceptable. For your guidance, we encourage you to view Christian Concern’s consultation submission.{link to the submission}

With your help, we can let the Department for Education know that educational decisions about such intimate matters of moral concern belong to parents, and parents alone.

Respond to the consultation now

View Christian Concern’s response