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New resource to help deal with bullying in schools

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In the return to school after the Christmas holidays, 1 in every 10 children across the UK will fall victim to bullying on a daily basis. That’s nearly 150,000 children and young people who dread going to school every single day of their lives, for fear of what awaits them.

In fact, 54% of all children and young people in this country have experienced bullying at some point during their school lives. Bullying is a growing problem in our schools, and while the government has attempted to address the issue with a range of strategies, it will only grow worse the more we avoid dealing with the root of the problem – the heart of the individual.

In light of this, Christian Concern is pleased to announce the launch of a new booklet and online resource: Dealing with bullying in schools. The short booklet is designed to help you understand what the Bible has to say about how positive transformation – in both bullies and those being bullied – can be achieved. “As with every other aspect of life, the Bible has things to say: things that can transform bullies into caring members of a strong, cohesive community and bullied young people into bold, confident people.”

In John 10:10, Jesus tells us: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” This booklet aims to point to scripture to guide schools and parents in helping students understand not just fullness of life in general, but also fullness of life in Christ.

But in a world which values achievement, where identity is based on acceptance, how can we create an environment where everyone is respected, where each person can explore what it really means to live life in all of its fullness? This booklet is designed to address practical questions (why is bullying a focal issue? What can parents do to help? What should schools teach?), whilst also providing a basic biblical framework. Furthermore, it also gives a practical guide to help you work out if your child is being bullied, and offers a sample teaching policy for schools to combat bullying.

“Any policy should reflect the fact that we are all equal in the sight of God – equally created in His image and equally in need of forgiveness for our sin. Dealing with bullying is about creating a community in which that is acknowledged.”

The booklet is free to download from our resources page:

Download 'Dealing with bullying in schools'

You are also free to copy, print and distribute them in any quantity under the terms of this licence.