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Act today on vital Christian issues

Printer-friendly version We have produced below a short (1 min 30 second) video advertising the rally taking place next Tuesday 15th January to support amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, being voted upon on that day.


Embryo Bill Rally

We have produced below a short (1 min 30 second) video advertising the rally taking place next Tuesday 15th January to support amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, being voted upon on that day. PLEASE COME. The rally is taking place outside the House of Lords on 15th January at 2.00pm – 3.30 pm, while Peers are voting.

This rally will be the first of a number of rallies we hope to hold on each of the days that important votes are taking place in either the Lords or the Commons. It is important that as many people as possible attend Parliament for the rally to send the message that these issues cannot be swept under the carpet and that the dignity of the human embryo, and the family are both things that the public care deeply about.

If you have the means to play it, please approach your church leader about showing this short video at your church this Sunday. Alternatively, show it at your mid week groups, or put notices in your church news bulletins. If you work in London, consider whether you can take a late lunch break next Tuesday and attend the rally for a short period. If you are available on Tuesday, please attend and consider who else you know who may be available.


Umbilical Cord Blood Bill presented to Parliament

David Burrowes MP yesterday introduced a Bill to encourage umbilical cord blood to be donated at birth so that it can be stored for public use. Umbilical cord blood can be used for the treatment of diseases and for further research of new treatment methods using cord blood stem cells - providing an alternative to embryonic stem cell research. The Bill received its first reading and was ordered to be read a second time in October.


Pray for votes on Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill in Commons today

Today the House of Commons will be voting on whether to accept an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill which would ensure freedom of speech and freedom of religion is protected. The Bill introduces a new offence of incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexuality, but the proposed amendment is designed to ensure that this new offence would not outlaw the teaching of biblical views on marriage, sexuality and relationships.

Please pray for those proposing the amendment, and pray that MPs will see the value in protecting free speech in this way and will be persuaded to vote for the amendment.


There will also be a vote on an amendment to abolish the laws on blasphemy which has been tabled by Evan Harris MP, an ‘Honorary Associate’ of the National Secular Society. Today LCF has emailed every MP this letter. Please pray Parliament would vote to retain the blasphemy laws.

Telegraph print LCF letter

Following the Bishop of Rochester’s article in the Telegraph concerning an increase in segregated Muslim communities and a decrease in Christian influence in the UK, a number of Muslim groups and politicians criticised his comments. The LCF wrote to the Telegraph in support of the Bishop’s stance. Use the links below to see both the Bishop’s original article and our letter.


LCF/CCFON London Events – Spring 2007

The new programme of LCF/CCFON events in London for the coming months has now been published – for details of all events use the link below. Everyone is welcome.

Please note in particular:

  • Our day-long conference “The legal challenges faced by Islam: how should the church respond”, on 28th January

  • The seminar “Pro-Life to Pro-Human: after the embryo war” on 14th January at 6.30pm at offices of Sookias and Sookias, 15 Brooks Mews, London W1

  • The seminar “Charity Law Update – Taking God out of Advancing Religion”, on 11th February

Link to the Spring programme

Job Opportunity in the LCF Public Policy Unit

The public policy unit of the LCF has a vacancy for a new analyst, to be based in their London office. Applicants must have a law degree or equivalent. LPC or BVC and legal experience is highly desirable. Salary will be dependant upon qualifications and experience. Preferably to start in March. For more information or to apply for the position please contact Charlotte Thorneycroft on 0207 407 6157 or to email.