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Andrea on 'The Big Questions' Need For A Father Debate 13th Jan.

Printer-friendly version Andrea on 'The Big Questions' BBC1 Sunday 13th 10am

Andrea Williams, Director of CCFON, appeared on The Big Questions, the BBC1 Sunday Morning ethical debate programme, on 13th January 2008. She contributed to the discussions on Islam in Britain & the forthcoming Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, particularly the point about the proposed bills discussion of the need for a Father where a child is fertilised via IVF treatment.

Councillor Alan Craig of the Christians People's Alliance was a guest on the same programme.

CCFON object to a number of clauses in the proposed bill. We have published many articles and uploaded media clips about this Bill - the latter including clips from the programme (to be uploaded within a few days of the transmission). These can be found here :

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Selected clips from The Big Questions debate on The Need For A Father