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Christian parents separated from children in Court of Appeal

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A Christian couple, whose adopted children have been taken into care, will appear before the Court of Appeal tomorrow (13 May) seeking permission for their case to be heard before the Court of Appeal. The case is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.

The two young brothers, had stayed with the couple for over three years before being taken into care in summer 2014. The couple – who cannot be named for legal reasons – have raised their own family, and sought to provide a loving home for the two children who had come from troubled backgrounds.

"blown out of all proportion"

The couple will allege that they were not kept properly informed about the investigation conducted by social services, and were not given a proper opportunity to explain their parenting methods. Describing their experience, the couple said: “Many of the accusations levelled against us by social services during the investigation have been simply not true or have been blown out of all proportion.

To make it worse, on the basis of one psychologist’s report, the judge has ruled that our parenting isn’t appropriate. Our boys have already been through tremendous stress in their lives and since their removal from us, they have been in a state of ‘high anxiety’. We dearly love our boys and we want the best for them. We will do what it takes to ensure that justice is done.”

A judge sitting in a Family Court refused to return the children to their adoptive parents primarily because the psychologist's report didn't recommend the children's return. However, the parents will argue the report contained fundamental errors. The couple will appear before the Court of Appeal tomorrow (13 May) requesting permission for appeal and a second psychologist’s report.

"Worrying trend"

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said: “We are seeing a worrying trend whereby Christian parents are being treated with suspicion because of their faith.

“These Christian parents who had adopted two boys were treated as if they were not the ‘real’ parents. Their views on disciplining the children and taking them to church were wholly disrespected by the social services and now tragically their children have been taken away. It is time for a change regarding the secrecy surrounding child courts. Their secretive nature means that injustices can be covered up, and it is time for this to be reviewed.”  

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