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Dismantling traditional marriage: a regressive step for society

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Continuous attack over five decades has left marriage as little more than a bombed-out shell, says the Chief Executive of Christian Concern, Andrea Williams, on the eve of the first legalised same-sex 'weddings' taking place in the UK.

“The label remains but the substance has gone . God’s blueprint for marriage and family has been ripped up by our society and every day we see and feel all around us, the huge emotional, economic and spiritual pain that results,” says Andrea.

She says the first same-sex 'weddings' which will take place from midnight onwards are just another step along a familiar path.

“Five decades of campaigning by the enemies of the nuclear family has obliterated marriage. The dismantling and destruction of marriage between one man and one woman for life, has produced a State marriage which is a mirage -  an illusory reflection of the real thing.”

Andrea, who is a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, says the expectation of costly commitment and the recognition of the unique contribution of male and female to the upbringing of children have all gone.

“This is yet another regressive step and we see the pain of family and relational breakdown all around us.”

But she argues that all is not lost.  “The churches must hold out the distinctive beauty of God’s pattern for marriage in order to review and renew real marriage which is God’s gift to society.  The churches must not retreat but demonstrate that real marriage stands for life-long commitment whatever the cost; marriage that puts the welfare of children first; marriage that values the complementary roles of man and woman; marriage that reflects the self-sacrificial love of God. Christian marriage is much more than State marriage."

Andrea was interviewed on 13 BBC regional radio programmes, as well as BBC television news, explaining why tampering with the definition of marriage is detrimental to society.

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