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Same sex ‘marriage’ is the “ultimate act of dissolution”, sociologist warns

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Sociologist Dr Patricia Morgan issued a warning to the House of Commons that same-sex ‘marriage’ reinforces the idea that marriage is irrelevant to parenthood.

Dr Morgan made the comments in a report submitted at the Committee Stage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

The family policy analyst said there was no evidence whatsoever to prove the Coalition Government’s assertions that same-sex marriage would bolster the institution.

European marriage trends

Dr Morgan’s paper contains a detailed analysis of marriage trends in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Canada and some U.S. states that have introduced same-sex ‘marriage’.

“From what we know about demographic trends, it is preposterous to argue that people suddenly somehow embrace marriage and slow or reverse its decline because homosexuals can have it,” Dr Morgan said.

“We can be certain that same sex marriage will do no such thing as encourage stable marriage whether for heterosexuals and/or homosexuals. Marriage in Scandinavia, Spain, Netherlands and elsewhere is in deep decline.”

She continued: “Same sex marriage is both an effect and a cause of the evisceration of marriage - especially the separation between this and parenthood.”

Weakening marriage

“As marriage is redefined to accommodate same-sex couples, this reinforces the irrelevance of marriage to parenthood,” Dr Morgan said.

“Elsewhere, same sex marriage is an instigator for the casualisation of heterosexual unions and separation of marriage and parenthood.”

“Same sex marriage is more a terminus for marriage or ultimate act of dissolution, rather than a force for revival.”

The Coalition Government has consistently argued that David Cameron’s controversial same-sex marriage Bill will have the effect of strengthening marriage by opening it up to same-sex couples.

But Dr Morgan has provided hard evidence in her research that the opposite is in fact likely to happen.

Marriage decline

Spain in particular, she said, saw a “precipitous” downward acceleration in the numbers of all marriages by 15,000 a year in the first three years that followed same-sex ‘marriage’ legislation passed by the Socialist government in 2005.

The rate of decline later more than doubled to 34,000 fewer marriages a year in between 2008 and 2010.

Dr Morgan also produced evidence to show that heterosexual marriages were less stable in those countries where same-sex marriage had been introduced because they were expected to conform to the values of same-sex couples whose unions were often open, rather than exclusive, and far more likely to break down.

Criticism from churches

“We can only hope that the Public Bill Committee takes on board Dr Morgan’s research” said Andrea Williams of Christian Concern.

“She has ably exposed the nonsensical assertions of some who say that same sex ‘marriage’ will strengthen the institution. It will do nothing of the sort. The redefinition of marriage will ultimately end in its destruction.

“For the sake of future generations, the definition of marriage must remain as being between a man and a woman”.


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