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Sign petition to protect marriage and family

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Christian Concern is proud to be part of a new European Citizens’ Initiative to defend the Biblical definition of marriage and family. Christian Concern's Roger Kiska, the initiative's Vice-President and Deputy Representative, explains the ECI's importance.

A European Citizens' Initiative is a type of petition established by the European Union to allow citizens of the EU to have direct influence on new legislation being proposed by its executive body, the European Commission.

What this means is that your voice, represented by your signature, can have a direct impact on how Europe legally defines marriage and family.

Christian Concern’s Roger Kiska is Vice-President and Deputy Representative of the Initiative, which seeks to define the term marriage in its natural sense, as between one man and one woman, in all EU treaties and documents. The initiative, 'Mum, Dads and Kids', aims also at letting European lawmakers know that children flourish with a mother and a father and that the natural family is an timeless institution worthy of legal protection.

It is time for us and for all who care about marriage and family in Europe to collect at least 1 million signatures of support within the European Union until mid-December.

Please join us in this venture with your support to make Europe a place for children and families.

Sign the petition and/or download a paper copy here.